The Best Excuses for Calling in Sick

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Whether you're a little hungover or simply need a break from office life, sometimes you need a good excuse for calling in sick last minute. While it's uncouth to lie to your boss or supervisor habitually, the occasional little white lie probably won't cost you your job as long as you have some believable sick day excuses. If you just want a day to lounge in bed and watch television, here you'll find a list of ailments that aren't terribly hard to fake. 

Good sick day excuses are generally pretty simple, but also need to be justifiable reasons to spend a day on the couch. The key is finding an illness that's debilitating, but temporary. Things like food poisoning, a high fever, or a migraine can render you useless for a 24 hour period only. Therefore, your boss and coworkers won't get suspicious when you show up to the office all better the following day.

You have sick leave for a reason, so you might as well use it, even if it’s because you drank too many margaritas on Taco Tuesday. If you're wondering how to call in sick, you'll find a great list of what to say below.

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  • Vomiting
    618 votes


  • Diarrhea
    518 votes


  • Food Poisoning
    474 votes

    Food Poisoning

  • Flu
    266 votes


  • Fever
    376 votes


  • Migraine
    370 votes