The Best Cameos In DC Superhero Movies

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Although it may not have the same cameo-heavy reputation as the MCU, the DC cinematic universe is filled with cameos from people across the entertainment industry and beyond. Rappers, politicians, writers, athletes, producers, a wrestler, a scientist, and even a bounty hunter have made fleeting appearances in DC flicks. Read all about these unique and celebrated cameos below.

  • Yes, Stan Lee cameoed in a DC movie. As you probably guessed, he references the irony during the appearance. At first taken aback that he's in a movie from Marvel's rival, he eventually embraces it, saying, "I love cameos!"

    Since Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was released in 2018, the same year that Lee passed, this was his only DC movie appearance.

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  • For those who don't know, Lynda Carter is the OG Wonder Woman, having played the superheroine in an ABC/CBS series that ran from 1976 to 1979. This is what made her cameo in Wonder Woman 1984 so memorable.

    Carter appears during the end credits as Asteria, an ancient Amazon warrior secretly living among humans. She saves a baby from a falling pole before explaining her heroics to the mother, saying, "I've been doing this a long time." Then she winks, which shatters the already-rickety fourth wall. 

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  • Domino Harvey was a real-life bounty hunter on whom the film Domino is based. Although she passed before it was released, she was alive to watch another movie in which she makes an uncredited appearance: Constantine. Fittingly, this fantasy flick is about a bounty hunter - albeit one who hunts paranormal beings. Harvey appears as "Angel in Nightclub" and gives the titular Constantine an arresting stare

    Harvey is on the right.

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  • Marlon Brando's first appearance in a DC movie was in 1978's Superman, playing Clark's father, Jor-El. He was supposed to appear in the sequel, but Brando pulled a Brando, so he was erased from the final cut.

    Brando's scenes were restored for Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, which was released in 2006, and reused in Superman Returns the same year. The footage was combined with CGI to bring new life to Jor-El, since Brando had passed two years earlier. 

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  • Try to find a weirder DC cameo than this one. Julie Andrews, best known for playing extremely wholesome characters like Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp, appears in Aquaman as Karathen, a Lovecraftian sea monster possessing extraordinary powers. According to screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, director James Wan made the decision to subvert the character. In the writers' room, Wan said:

    You know what? This creature - it’s always a guy. It’s always like the big, booming male voice. I want a female voice with gravitas. We don’t ever see that coming from this creature. So, let’s make this a powerful female.

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  • Having already acted in notable films like Wayne's World 2 and pulled salacious stunts in Playboy and on David Letterman's desk, Barrymore made a cameo as Two-Face's assistant in Batman Forever. Actually, she was one of two assistants. She played Sugar, the "good" assistant, while Debi Mazar played Spice, her "bad" counterpart.

    Considering the controversial state of Barrymore's career at the time, the casting may have been ironic.

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