The Best Campy Comedy Movies

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This list contains information on the best campy comedy movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best campy comedy films come in many forms. Some good campy comedies are big, bold, and full of funny while other good campy comedy movies are unintentional in their hilarity. Many of the best campy comedy movies were directed by John Waters.


What films will you find on this top campy comedy movies list? Hairspray has to be near the top. This film finds misfit teen Tracy Turnblad – played by Ricky Lake – using her newfound celebrity to help promote desegregation. A play and remake were created based on the movie's campy charm. Young Frankenstein is another hilarious and campy film.

Showgirls, starring Elizabeth Berkley, started off as a drama, but its over the top camp turned it into a comedy. Other good films featured on this best camp comedy movies list include Cry Baby, Clue, and Some Like It Hot.

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