The Best Camping Foods

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List of the best camping foods, as ranked by regular campers and food lovers. While hiking, fishing, and enjoying nature is a lot of fun,one of the best parts of camping is eating around the campfire. With your best friends or closest family members, you can roast some corn or melt the classic campfire treat, s’mores while telling scary stories or sharing details about your dreams. Meals at the campfire are a completely different experience than those at the dinner table, which is why there’s a very singular, regular camping menu.

The foods on this list are designed to fit perfectly within your camping experience. If you’re a minimalist camper, you can make simple meals like chili and pre-packaged homemade foods. However, if you are a more prepared, extravagant camper, you’ll likely be bringing a griddle, pots, pans,and everything else you need to whip up a great meal. You can ever cook any fish you catch, if it’s that sort of camping trip.

What are the best foods to bring on a camping trip? This list has everything you need to make a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner that won’t make you feel sick and will keep you satisfied for the full day. If your favorite camping foods aren't on the list of the best camping food choices, make sure to add it.

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