The Best Canadian Baseball Players of 2023



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Canadian baseball players have been in the MLB for nearly its entire existence, and while it may have taken a while to get off the ground, today, baseball is one of the most popular and dominant sports in all of the country. Some of the best players in baseball history hail from Canada, and thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays inception in 1977, younger and younger generations are able to look up to players who play right in their own backyard. In today's game, there is a plethora of talent spread throughout the league, with All-Stars, World Series Champions, MVPs, Golden Glove, and Silver Sluggers all born and raised in Canada. This of course raises the question, who are the best Canadian baseball players of 2023?

Players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Joey Votto have proven to the world that Canadian baseball players are the real deal and are some of the best Canadian baseball players to ever step foot on the field, while players like Tyler O'Neill and Jordan Romano are the next great up-and-coming rising star Canadian MLB players in the league today. The talent pool for Canadian baseball players may not be as deep or luxurious as others, but what the players do have is heart, and a growing sense of pride, and with that pride, comes to the next generation looking to take the MLB world by storm.

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