The Best Canadian Whiskey Brands

As the name suggests, Canadian whiskey is whiskey that was produced in Canada. Most of the best Canadian whiskey companies use corn in their spirits, but rye whisky is also popular. Some good Canadian whiskey brands create smooth spirits, while others have bigger, bolder flavors.

What companies will you find on this best Canadian whiskey brands list? Crown Royal is one of the most popular Canadian whiskeys, and Americans seem to really love it too! It was first produced in 1939 and now offers several variations, including Crown Royal Black and Crown Royal Reserve. Caribou Crossing is another one of the best Canadian whiskey brands.

Canadian Club is available in seven different varieties, most of which are 80 proof. Other brand names featured on this top Canadian whiskey brands list include Mr. Boston Five Star, Rich & Rare, and Northern Light.

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Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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  • Wiser's
    317 votes


  • Crown Royal
    679 votes
  • Gibson’s Finest Canadian Whisky
    334 votes

    Gibson’s Finest Canadian Whisky

  • Forty Creek
    401 votes

    Forty Creek

  • Pendleton Whisky
    268 votes

    Pendleton Whisky

  • Canadian Club
    313 votes