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The Best Canadian YouTubers

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Here are the best Canadian YouTubers to watch, like, and subscribe. Featuring gaming channels, comedians, how-to DIY vlogs, and beauty gurus, the most popular content creators from Canada make all kinds of videos. Who is the most famous Canadian YouTuber?

When ranking the most subscribed Canadian YouTubers, Lilly Singh, VanossGaming, and LaurDIY are definitely in the top 10. If you're wondering how old these YouTube celebs are, you can find information, like age, net worth, merch info, and more, below. Other good YouTube stars born in Canada include WolfieRaps, Gigi Gorgeous, Simply Nailogical, and Harley Morenstein. 

Vote up the best YouTubers from Canada, and feel free to add your favorites who are missing from the list.

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    Evan Fong (born 31 May 1992), better known through his YouTube videos as VanossGaming (or simply Vanoss) is a Canadian video game commentator and internet personality. He produces content on YouTube...  more

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    Azra Bajrami (born February 23, 1991) is a YouTube and Instagram star known for her video game-centric content on her channel AzzyLand, which includes gaming videos and cosplaying. She's particularly...  more
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    Kat (born October 31, 1995) is a content creator on YouTube better known as ItsFunneh who creates amusing roleplay, adventure, and mini-game and challenge videos from the game Minecraft. She has...  more

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    Denis Kopotun (born June 5, 1996) is a content creator of kid-friendly gaming videos featuring the games Roblox and Minecraft. He has earned more than 4.5 million subscribers to his Denis - Roblox &...  more
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    Cristine Raquel Rotenberg (born October 17, 1988), commonly known by her pseudonym and YouTube username Simply Nailogical, is a crime and health statistics analyst, former child actress, blogger, and...  more
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    Andrew B. Bachelor (born June 26, 1988), better known by his online alias and persona King Bach, is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, and internet personality, known for being the most followed...  more

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    Andre Rebelo (born March 23, 1992) is a Canadian gamer on YouTube better known as Typical Gamer whose funny gaming content often times features Grand Theft Auto. He became a member of the 1 million...  more
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    Lilly Singh, also known by her YouTube username Superwoman, is a Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker, and comedian. She has also taken part in rapping and film acting. After beginning...  more

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    Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki (born August 11, 1993) is a Canadian YouTuber and crafter known for her YouTube channel LaurDIY. As of June 27, 2019 her YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers. Her...  more

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    Linus Gabriel Sebastian (born August 20, 1986) is a Canadian YouTube personality, presenter, producer, and founder of Linus Media Group. He is best known for creating and hosting three...  more
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    Saman Rajabian (born February 20, 1997) is a YouTuber who posts Minecraft videos to his channel ExplodingTNT. He initially created his YouTube channel to make videos about exploding statues. He owns...  more
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    Mitch Hughes (born March 3, 1994) is a video game commentator and YouTuber who gained fame as TheBajanCanadian, uploading videos such as Minecraft: Hunger Games. He has more than 6 million...  more
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    Lewis Hilsenteger (born May 5, 1984) is a Canadian YouTube tech guru who founded and hosted the channel Unbox Therapy which has earned over 10 million subscribers. He has another popular channel...
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    The Eh Bee Family are Canadian internet personalities best known for their Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook channels, which have over 15 million combined subscribers and well over two billion...  more
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    Cody Ko (born November 22, 1990) is a Vine sensation who created the viral hashtag #6secondauditions. He auditioned as Mary Poppins in what would be the first #6secondauditions video. He accumulated...  more
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    Nordan Shat (born May 29, 1996) known as FaZe Rain, is one of the most popular FaZe members in the FaZe clan, with over 5.1 million subscribers and 949 million video views. Rain is mostly known for...
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    Moe sargi

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    Charles Raynor (born June 15, 1993), better known by WolfieRaps, is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, and rapper. As of January 2018, his YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers. ...  more
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    Kyle Godfrey

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