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The Best Cancer Fighting Foods

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List of the best cancer fighting foods, as ranked by oncologists and health care professionals. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Much of modern society has factored into cancer-causing carcinogens,such as cell phone radiation and tainted water supplies. Even burnt popcorn is said to have carcinogens. Poor diet is often seen as the major contributing factor in a cancer diagnosis, so it’s extremely important to eat foods that have cancer fighting elements. Foods high in antioxidants and other essential nutrients are helpful in fighting and preventing cancer.

The foods on this list are each rich in the vital nutrients that fight free radicals that eventually lead to strengthening cancer cells. Each of the foods have a different nutrient and purpose in the cancer-fighting cause. For example avocados block free radicals from attacking the body, while carrots are filled with beta carotene which prevents cancer of the intestines, throat, stomach, breast, prostate, and more.

What are the best cancer fighting foods on the market? This list features the top foods that will keep you on the right track to preventing cancer. Everything from sweet dark chocolate to flavor enhancing garlic can go a long way to staying healthy. If your favorite cancer fighting food isn't on the list of foods that help prevent cancer, make sure to add it.