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The Best Subscription Boxes For Candle Lovers

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What’s the one gift that’s universally appreciated and never goes out of style? No, not socks. We’re talking about candles! Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, the best candle subscription boxes include wonderfully aromatic options for any time of year. 

Destress, detox, and enjoy the warm, glowing, warming glow of a few of your favorite candles. These candle subscriptions offer a variety of fun styles and themes. Some boxes, like the Blue Spider Books & Wax, combine both candles and books, while subscription boxes like The Burlap Bag are known for their awesomely aromatic scents and hilarious candle names like 'Crazy Cat Lady,' 'Unicorn Puke,' and a personal favorite, 'You’re a Wizard' candle.

Do other readers a flavor favor and vote up your favorite monthly candle subscription so everyone can see which boxes to try first.

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    Handmade, GMO-free, vegan, and 100% nontoxic, Torch's candles are about as eco-friendly as you can get. Each candle is made in Dallas, TX, and is designed to last up to 40% longer than traditional candles. Perhaps even cooler, each candle comes in an old-fashioned cocktail glass that's sure to up your home's decor. You're also able to choose a new scent every month.

    • $30/month
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    With more than 500 unique scents to choose from, Moondancer's candles are all handmade and they're delivered straight to your door every month. With tons of different subscription options, this subscription box also includes a range of incense, soaps, lotions, and more.

    • $8.33/month - $20.50/month
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    This 'Wicca-inspired' subscription box comes with awesome decor supplies, unique books, crafts, and sweet-smelling candles. Each box is handpicked based on your particular subscription and is designed to help put budding wiccans on the right path.

    • The Initiate: $21.24
    • The Priestess: $29.74
    • The Supreme: $38.24
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    Packed with teas, candies, and candles to help you relax and recharge, this box set also includes a robust range of different bath and body essentials (including salts, scrubs, and more) to help you get your 'chill' on.

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