The Best Canned Beers

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Types of beer that come in a can.

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer to relax after working hard all day. While most people drink beers from a glass bottle, believe it or not there are some amazing beers that come in cans! And not just Bud! The list below features the best canned beers, ranked by beer aficionados, so crack open a can and be amazed! 

There are a variety of canned craft beers, many of which feature elaborate label artwork that have made them a fan favorite! Take, for example the famous Abominable Winter Ale or Bomb Beer Company’s Bomb Lager: one look at these cans promises you’ll never forget them, and just one sip will leave you begging for more.

This list has the most popular types of canned beers, including: Hardywood Cream Ale, Southern Star Brewing Company’s Bombshell Blonde, Tallgrass Brewing Co.’s 8Bit, Ninkasi Brewing Company’s Allies Win the War!, and Bale Breaker Brewing Company’s Top Cutter IPA.

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Most divisive: Miller High Life
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  • Heady Topper
    61 votes

    Heady Topper

    American Double / Imperial IPA
  • Fat Tire
    78 votes

    Fat Tire

    American Amber / Red
  • Pbr
    78 votes


  • Founder's All Day IPA
    19 votes

    Founder's All Day IPA

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
    48 votes
    Standard American Lager
  • Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
    31 votes

    Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

    Russian Imperial Stou