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List Rules any wet cat food that comes in a can

The best canned cat food brands are the top wet cat food brands and varieties available on the market today. These best wet cat foods are filled with high-quality ingredients like chicken and fish. The top canned cat food brands might not be as inexpensive as some grocery store brands but to provide your furry friend with the best nutrition available, these brand's can't be beat.

There is a variety of reasons a cat owner would opt for high quality cat food be it to help fatten up an underweight cat, allow a cat with dental issues to eat more easily or just to make sure your cat is receiving all of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and happy life. Similarly, because the higher carbohydrate levels in dry cat food can lead to feline obesity, which can then lead to diabetes, top canned cat foods can help prevent the occurrence of these health problems down the line.

To decide on the best canned cat food varieties, a number of factors were considered. Cat foods with natural ingredients, real fish and meat (not byproducts) and fewer chemicals and fillers, if any, were included. The Lotus, Taste of the Wild, Newman's Own Organic and Nature's Variety brands all met those qualifications just like the Hound & Gatos, Soulistic, Pure Vita and Tiki Cat brands.

What canned cat food do you select when planning a menu for your felines? Tell us by adding your go-to brand below or voting for those brands you love. More of a dog person? Vote on the best canned dog foods instead.
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