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Every Significant Canon Relationship In Naruto, Ranked

While Naruto isn't a romance series, love does play a major part in the characters' lives. This list is going to take a look at the romantic relationships that the characters experience throughout the series. Some, like Asuma and Kurenai's relationship, existed during Shippuddenbut others, like Naruto and Hinata's relationship, fully develop once the main series comes to an end.

This list won't include one-sided relationships like Karin's crush on Sasuke, or relationships that could have turned into something but didn't, like Obito and Rin. Instead, it will focus solely on characters who actually did end up together. 

Which of these do you think are the best canon Naruto couples? Vote up the ones you support, and vote down those who you think should break up. 

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    Kushina Uzumaki & Minato Namikaze

    Kushina and Minato first meet at Ninja Academy. Though Kushina doesn't think highly of Minato at first, that changes when he rescues her from kidnapers. After that, she begins to see him as reliable, smart, kind, and totally capable of achieving his dream of becoming the hokage. 

    The two grow up together, with Kushina becoming a jonin level ninja and Minato becoming both jounin instructor and hokage. The two marry, and Kushina gets pregnant. The two appear to enjoy a happy, loving relationship, but it comes to an end the day that their son is born and the Nine Tails escapes from Kushina's body. Ultimately, the two seal the beast into their son, and lose their lives in the process. 

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    Asuma Sarutobi & Kurenai Yuhi

    Asuma and Kurenai were both jounin instructors who wanted to hide their budding relationship from their students and fellow ninja. But just when they started to be a little bit open about it, disaster struck: Asuma lost his life in the battle against Kakuzu. Kurenai was devastated, but she also had something to focus on besides her grief: she was pregnant with Asuma's child. That child would grow up to be Mirai Sarutobi, one of the next-gen ninja in Boruto. 

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    Shikamaru Nara & Temari

    When they first meet, Shikamaru and Temari aren't on great terms: Temari is part of a surprise attack on Konoha, and even if she weren't, she clearly thinks Shikamaru is an annoying jerk. Meanwhile, Shikamaru finds Temari about as frustrating as he finds his mother. But their opinion of each other softens as they become political allies, and get to know each other on a personal level. 

    Getting married is a bit of an ordeal, since it means that Temari has to relocate to Konoha. As the relative of two Kazekages, this can't be done casually. But they do get married and have a son named Shikadai. Their relationship ends up looking a lot like the relationship between Shikamaru's parents. 

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    Shikaku Nara & Yoshino Nara

    Out of all of Naruto's friends parents, Shikamaru's parents Shikaku and Yoshino probably get the most screen time. The two argue a lot - Yoshino is often frustrated by Shikaku's behavior and she makes that known by yelling - but the two seem to love each other despite their conflicts. While their son describes Shikaku as 'whipped,' and doesn't understand their relationship, Shikaku tells him that there's a lot of positive things about it, too. 

    Sadly, Yoshino is ultimately widowed when Shikaku passes away during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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