The 20 Best Capricorn Anime Characters Born December 21-January 21

Capricorns are born between December 21st and January 21st. They tend to be level-headed, reliable people who are great at organization and planning and managing others. They can be guarded about their emotions and might be stubborn or condescending towards those they disagree with. For this list, we're looking at anime characters who are Capricorns. 

Likely because the date range includes Christmas and New Years, there are a wealth of beloved Capricorn anime characters. Some of them, like Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan, are clearly channelling their sign's energy. Others, like Nagisa Furukawa from CLANNAD, seem to take very little influence from their sign. If you're a Capricorn, hopefully you'll see a favorite or two on the list. 

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  • Birthday: January 11th

    If it were up to Shoto, he'd avoid many of his sign's key traits. Capricorns are hyper-disciplined people who work hard to make it to the top, but they can also look down on others or even try to force others to meet unrealistic expectations. Shoto's seen how negative these traits can be thanks to his dad - who ironically isn't a Capricorn. As he develops, he's also learning to see the more positive side of these traits.

  • Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan
    Photo: Wit Studio

    Birthday: December 25th

    Levi Ackerman is the no-nonsense, high-powered captain of the Survey Corps. Like a typical Capricorn, he's has high expectations of himself and others - and plenty of scorn for those who fail to meet them. 

  • Nezuko Kamado - Demon Slayer
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    Birthday: December 28th

    One area where Capricorns excel is self-control. After being transformed into a demon, she starts wanting to eat humans. But she manages to suppress those urges and gain her energy from sleep instead.

  • Megumi Fushiguro - Jujutsu Kaisen
    Photo: MAPPA

    Birthday: December 22nd

    Megumi Fushiguro has serious Cap energy. He attends to his curse-fighting duties with stoicism and discipline. He can be a bit judgemental of those who don't take the endeavor as seriously as he does. 

  • Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom
    Photo: Lerche

    Birthday: December 25th

    Karma is snarkier and more chaos-oriented than a typical Capricorn, but he does have some traits in common with the sign. He's an independent, intelligent kid who is great and coming up with assassination-based plans - but on the downside, he can be incredibly condescending to those he thinks don't measure up to his standards. 

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    Tobio Kageyama - Haikyuu!!

    Birthday: December 22nd

    Tobio Kageyama is a classic Capricorn. Few things matter more to him than his volleyball-related ambitions. He's willing to work hard for the results he wants, but he can also be pretty rude to those he sees as inferior.