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The Best Captain America Storylines In Comic Books

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With over 75 years of publication history, the list of Captain America’s greatest adventures is both lengthy and impressive. The best Captain America comics span multiple decades, and the strongest Captain America storylines have come from a truly formidable and diverse group of creators. One might think that the creative well would run dry, what with dozens of Cap comics coming out every year for the better part of a century, but something about the Star-Spangled Avenger continues to inspire great stories year after year.

Since his World War II days, Steve Rogers has been involved in all manner of adventures, ensuring that the Captain America library is chock full of variety. In his time wielding the shield, Cap has taken part in sprawling space wars, tales of political intrigue, and even psychedelic spy thrillers. He also continually encounters his arch-nemesis the Red Skull. No matter what the job is, Captain America can be trusted to get it done, and to look good doing it.

  • Issues: Captain America #169-175

    Writer: Steve Englehart

    Artist: Sal Buscema

    Having made his debut by socking Hitler in the jaw, Captain America has always been a political character. However, the original Secret Empire storyline was definitely Cap’s most direct moment of political relevance. The arc occurred as the real life United States was dealing with the fallout of the Watergate scandal, and it involves Steve Rogers uncovering a sinister plot that goes to the very top of the American government.

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  • Issues: Civil War #1-7

    Writer: Mark Millar

    Artist: Steve McNiven

    Civil War is one of the most famous event comics ever, and it ended up becoming the basis of the third Captain America film. Though the two adaptations are quite different, the core remains the same—Captain America versus Iron Man in a moral conflict where Cap comes out looking like the real hero. In the comic version, Steve Rogers is up against greater odds, and ends up being even more inspiring and heroic than the cinematic version.

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  • Issues: Captain America #247-255

    Writer: Roger Stern

    Artist: John Byrne

    Two super-creators, Stern and Byrne, only had a brief run on Captain America, but they sure made the most of it. In this story arc, Steve Rogers encounters allies and foes from his World War II past, including Baron Blood and Union Jack, and he takes down the former in one of his best fight sequences to date. The storyline also features one of the many times Cap has considered running for President.

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  • Issues: Infinity #1-6, New Avengers #7-12, Avengers #14-23

    Writer: Jonathan Hickman

    Artist: Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, Mike Deodato, Stefano Caselli, & Leinil Francis Yu

    Infinity is one of the largest-scale epics to ever grace Marvel Comics, but Captain America still found space within it to assert his general awesomeness. The first part of the story involves the Avengers heading into space to head off a deadly alien invasion, in which Steve Rogers ends up in command of a collective army of multiple space empires. Afterward, he leads said army back to Earth to take his home planet back from Thanos.

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