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The Best Captain America Storylines In Comic Books

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With over 75 years of publication history, the list of Captain America’s greatest adventures is both lengthy and impressive. The best Captain America comics span multiple decades, and the strongest Captain America storylines have come from a truly formidable and diverse group of creators. One might think that the creative well would run dry, what with dozens of Cap comics coming out every year for the better part of a century, but something about the Star-Spangled Avenger continues to inspire great stories year after year.

Since his World War II days, Steve Rogers has been involved in all manner of adventures, ensuring that the Captain America library is chock full of variety. In his time wielding the shield, Cap has taken part in sprawling space wars, tales of political intrigue, and even psychedelic spy thrillers. He also continually encounters his arch-nemesis the Red Skull. No matter what the job is, Captain America can be trusted to get it done, and to look good doing it.

  • Issues: Captain America: White #0-5

    Writer: Jeph Loeb

    Artist: Tim Sale

    The famous creative duo of Loeb and Sale got together for another classic tale with Captain America: White, the latest addition to their series of Superhero: Color miniseries. Though set in the present, the story takes place almost entirely as a flashback, as Cap relives one of his greatest World War II adventures alongside his trusty sidekick, Bucky Barnes.

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  • Issues: Captain America #450-453

    Writer: Mark Waid

    Artist: Ron Garney

    There have been lots of stories about Captain America giving up his title, but Man Without A Country sees him actually exiled from the United States. This is due to a scheme by the Red Skull and the Machinesmith that involves stealing Cap’s memories and using them to commit treason. From there on out, Steve Rogers has to fight to protect America from outside its borders.

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  • Issues: Captain America #293-300

    Writer: J.M. DeMatteis

    Artist: Paul Neary

    There have been several iterations of The Red Skull in Marvel’s history, thanks to cloning and time travel, but The Death of the Red Skull brings Captain America’s conflict with the original, WWII version of his foe to a fitting conclusion. The now elderly Nazi attempts to gain his final revenge on Cap by rapidly aging him, but fails entirely. He then resorts to trying to trick the good Captain into killing him, resulting in their story ending in a logical way for each character.

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  • Issues: Captain America #176-183

    Writer: Steve Englehart

    Artist: Sal Buscema & Frank Robbins

    The Nomad arc comes on the heels of the Secret Empire storyline, which leaves Steve Rogers with his faith in the American government at an all-time low. He abandons the mantle of Captain America, adopting a new identity as the Nomad. Garish costume aside, this arc highlights why Steve Rogers is a true hero no matter what outfit he’s wearing, and ultimately gives him good reason to reclaim his shield.

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