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The Best Captain America Villains Ever

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List of Captain America's most notorious baddies, ranked by the fans. Captain America is one of Marvel's first superheroes having been created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby all the way back in 1940. He may be loved by America, but he's ended up making the worst of enemies over the decades, from the Red Skull to Taskmaster. Even Cap's trusty sidekick, Bucky, joined the dark side for awhile.

Which is the greatest Cap villain? Is M.O.D.O.K. your favorite baddie, or can you not resist the mysterious Viper? 

Make sure to vote up all your favorite Captain America villains, and vote down the ones you despise. Don't see the villain you love to hate on here? Be sure to add them to the list!
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List Rules: Vote up all your favorite Captain America villains!