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The Best Captain Marvel Storylines in Comics 

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If you stayed until the end of Avengers: Infinity War, you know there may only be one hero yet to be seen who could save the universe from the threat imposed by Thanos. Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics and she has been around since 1968. Since that time, there have been some incredibly Captain Marvel storylines, which have taken the character from Earth to cosmic destinations across the galaxy.

Over the years, she has been known by many names including Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird, but whatever name she goes by, she stands above most and could even be the most powerful member of the Avengers. She has teamed up with the likes of Spider-Man and even Deadpool over the years making her a rather interesting character. With so many Captain Marvel stories crossing numerous story arcs through one-shot issues and graphic novels, there are plenty to choose from as the very best. This list covers the very best Captain Marvel story arcs Marvel has published since the character debuted in 1968, so check those essential comic books covering Captain Marvel's greatest feats.

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IssuesMs. Marvel #47-50

Writer: Brian Reed

Artist: Mark Robinson,‎ Sana Takeda

After the War of the Marvels, Carol Danvers finds herself dealing with a situation of her own making. She promised our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man she would go out with him! While dealing with that, she is confronted by Mystique, the woman who raised Rogue who stole powers and memories. What will happen when she is confronted by the Mutant shapeshifter and how will she handle Spider-Man?

Carol Danvers is on the upper-level scale of superheroes, but this book just goes to show she doesn't have a problem mixing with those less powerful than herself. This isn't the first time she teamed up with the Wall-crawler, but it is one of the most humorous. 

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IssuesAvenging Spider-Man #7, 9-10 & 12-13

Writer: Kathryn Immonen,‎ Kelly DeConnick,‎ Kevin Shinick

Artist: Stuart Immonen,‎ Terry Dodson,‎ Aaron Kuder

This Team-Up series sees the new Captain Marvel meet up with Spider-Man at 50,000 feet! They soon find themselves caught between an army of privatized mechanical police and a 50-foot tall redheaded madwoman making for one of the craziest team-ups of Spider-Man's career... and that's saying something.

Sometimes, Carol Danvers gets thrust into interstellar peril while other times, she gets involved in some wacky team-ups with other Marvel characters. This book is certainly the latter with Captain Marvel once again teaming up with Spider-Man. This story-arc is certainly lighter fare than some of Danvers' previous collections, which makes it a fun read for anyone who enjoys both Captain Marvel and our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


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IssuesCaptain Marvel #1 to #6

Writer: Kelly DeConnick

Artist: David Lopez

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel is on the way to starting out her new life with a new love interest when she takes on a mission to return a young alien girl to her homeworld. She soon finds herself in the middle of an uprising against the Galactic Alliance and uncovers a sinister plot. She soon learns the leader of the plot is someone from her past who tries to blackmail her...

As her storyline progresses, Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel finds herself outside of Earth and dealing with some serious cosmic threats. This story-arc starts the process of transitioning from being one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and instead working as an Astronomical Hero whose playground becomes the entire cosmos. Much of the Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel books printed through the '90s and beyond dive into the character's evolution and a lot of that starts right here.

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IssuesMs. Marvel #31-34, Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller, and Ms. Marvel Annual #1

Writer: Brian Reed

Artist: Marcos Marz,‎ Paulo Siqueira,‎ Frank Martin Jr.

Following the events of "Secret Invasion", Carol Danvers runs into Gavin, the Storyteller who has the ability to reshape the world in whatever image he desires. Dark secrets are revealed and Ms. Marvel meets up with Spider-Man once more when the pair must work together to stop Manhattan from being destroyed.

Seeing as this story-arc follows the events of "Secret Invasion," it is one of those that takes a less dark approach tot he character. Carol Danvers definitely has her highs and lows as she evolves as a character and the "Secret Invasion" crossover event truly took its toll on the heroine. Any time she teams up with Spider-Man, the readers get a bit of a break from the more serious stuff while also enjoying what inevitably turns out to be an excellent read.