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20 Comic Book Captains Ranked By Their Leadership Abilities

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The word “captain” resonates with authority and power, so it stands to reason "captain" characters in comic books are among the most visible. From comic books to cartoons, the "captain" motif often arises in the form of a commanding and compelling character, with some even ranking among the best superheroes of all time. While many fictional captains exist in the realm of comics, only a select few of them are actually worth following into battle. The best comic book captains, or captains from other geeky parts of pop culture, possess both overlapping similarities and stark differences. What unites them all, like the best female superhero team leaders, is their belief in their ability to lead.

Some make excellent leaders, like Captains America and Kirk of their Avengers and crew, respectively. Others, like Captains Universe and Atom, use the “captain” moniker as a representation of their power. And some, like Captain Boomerang, appear to use the word only to differentiate themselves from other characters with “boomerang” in their name. So, with a whole lot of heroes sharing the title of captain, which comic book captain would make the best captain in real life?