The Very Best Car Magazines, Ranked

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This list contains information on the best car magazines ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best types of auto magazines come in many forms. Some popular car magazines feature reviews of high-end vehicles while other automotive publications offer techniques for restoring old vehicles. Many of the best car magazines feature interviews with world famous drivers.

What publications will you find on this best car magazines list? Automobile has to be at the top. Since being launched in 1966, Automobile has grown to become one of the most popular car publications in the United States. It's “Collectible Classic” feature delights vintage car fans with in-depth reviews of old autos. Car and Driver is another good car magazine.

Green Car Journal is a quarterly publication that focuses on environmentally friendly technology. Other good magazines featured on this best car publications list include European Cars, Motor Trend, and Old Cars Weekly.

Which automotive magazine is your favorite? Give the best publications a thumbs up and please add any good options we may have missed.

Most divisive: Diesel Power
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