The Best Car Decals on the Road

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Once upon a time, you had three basic car sticker options: bumper stickers, go-fast stickers, and those little peeing Calvin stickers. As this list of the best car decals on the road shows, however, the last ten years or so have seen an explosion in decals, from simple window sticker humor to incredible custom car wraps that cover entire vehicles. There are so many adhesive options, how can you even tell the good from the bad?

With this list, obviously. Your votes will decide which stickers are actually cool and which ones are staler than those stick figure family decals. Are the best stickers funny and clever? Or are they the colorful custom vehicle wraps that make cars look like elaborate works of four-wheeled art? Paint is yesterday's news. It's time for you to decide what tomorrow will look like by ranking all these decals.

Drivers sporting stickers make big statements about who they are, whether they've got elaborate car wraps, window stickers that put Nicolas Cage on the highway, or just decals celebrating the cuteness of cats. Vote up your favorite car decals below, letting drivers everywhere know just what you think of their sticker statements!

  • 1. Yes, That's A Sticker

    Yes, That's A Sticker
    Photo: Pinterest
    881 votes
  • 2. Cue Horrified Shivers

    Cue Horrified Shivers
    Photo: u/bogan / Reddit
    902 votes
  • 3. Everyone Can Dream

    Everyone Can Dream
    Photo: Pinterest
    851 votes
  • 4. An Unexpected Passenger

    An Unexpected Passenger
    Photo: Pinterest
    777 votes
  • 5. He Left His Calling Card

    He Left His Calling Card
    Photo: MemeCenter
    743 votes
  • 6. A Crafty Car

    A Crafty Car
    Photo: Pinterest
    686 votes