Nature Is So Wonderfully Morbid That Biologists Share #BestCarcass Photos On Twitter

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Scientists often deal with the morbid side of life, and nothing makes that more clear than this Twitter challenge. Scientists around the world have snapped photos of dead animals and shared them on Twitter with the hashtag #bestcarcass. While this may seem pretty gruesome, many of the photos are actually quite lovely in a dark sort of way. This is also an opportunity for scientists to show the world what deceased animals look like, and they've managed to do it in a way that isn't completely terrifying. 

Death is an important part of life, and not just for humans. There are animals who perform elaborate rituals for their departed loved ones, just like people do. It may be scary, but it's important for humans and animals alike to come to terms with the finality of the end. It can be beautiful in the eyes of the right person, and these scientists have managed to capture that beauty and share it for the world to see.