funny Times Cards Against Humanity Trolled Their Audience  

Donn Saylor
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When it comes to promotional marketing, most companies tout their products' appeal, blast out extensive advertising campaigns, and offer lower prices or limited-time deals. The folks over at Cards Against Humanity don't follow traditional marketing campaigns, though. In fact, the best promotions from Cards Against Humanity subvert all typical sales campaigns. Through wild stunts and seemingly counterproductive promotions, CAH has instead chosen to troll their audiences. The results are as glorious as their hilariously offensive cards.

It would be too easy to dismiss the Cards Against Humanity stunts as just that: stunts. There is always a deeper purpose or message with each campaign, though. You may have to dig a little to make sense of it but CAH is often saying something important about the nature of consumerism, the state of our politics, or the inanity of the border wall. Perhaps buyers need to be trolled and perhaps CAH is the perfect company to do it.

Read on for some of the most unforgettable times Cards Against Humanity trolled their players.

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They Created Prongles

Cards Against Humanity announced the end of their namesake product in 2017. Their Black Friday promotion was not a promotion at all, but an announcement that the company would be closing its doors to make room for new potato chip Prongles. The company said that potato chips were simply more profitable than games. Their inspiration for such a bold move came from the highest office in the land. CAH told Fox News (because of course Fox News):

"Our bold flavors and edgy brand were heavily influenced by President Trump's original thinking and big ideas. If you love President Donald J. Trump[,] we guarantee you will love the tangy onion and thick cream flavors of Original Prongles. That's why we promise to Make America CRUNCH Again!"

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They Asked Consumers For Free Money… And Got It

In 2015, CAH didn't roll out an elaborate Black Friday campaign designed to bring in buyers and boost holiday sales. Instead, their website homepage featured just one option: donate $5 to CAH for no reason whatsoever. There were no perks to donating, no assurance that the money would go to a good cause, and no heartfelt message about how it's better to give than receive. Nope, CAH took the money and kept at least some of it for themselves.

After raising $71,145, they bought an authentic Lord of the Rings Legolas Lothlarien Long Bow, round-trip airfare to Finland, several bottles of fine scotch whiskey, and a vibrator made of 24k gold.

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They Sold Actual Bull Sh*t

Cards Against Humanity's 2014 Black Friday promotion was truly a sight and smell to behold. For a $6 price tag, CAH sold boxes of real bull dung and made a killing. 30,000 people spent their hard-earned cash on boxes of crap. If you're thinking that this was all a prank and buyers received a plastic coil of faux dung or a plop of chocolate, you'd be wrong. CAH sent buyers actual bull poop.

With Cards Against Humanity, you get what you pay for.

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They Devised A Plan To Stop Trump's Border Wall

While most public companies shy away from making bold political stands, Cards Against Humanity has, again, gone in the opposite direction. The game company is vocally anti-Trump and doesn't seem to care about appeasing anyone in regard to politics. One of the most ingenious things the company has done to stop Trump is to purchase a plot of land along the US and Mexican border. Theirs is the exact site through which Trump's proposed border wall will pass.

CAH also sold pieces of that land parcel to any interested buyers. This could conceivably put an end to Trump's border wall; the government lawsuits over building a federally-funded project on privately-owned land could last years and cost a lot of money.

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