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The Best Care Bears Films & Series Ever Made

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Since the first-ever Care Bears TV series debuted in 1985 based off the cheerful characters artist Elena Kucharik had painted for a series of greeting cards four years earlier, audiences have tuned in to every new loving and caring episode and of each new family-fun iteration that comes along. While the number of Care Bear TV shows and films may seem like an unending spectrum of cheerful, bright, bears, the fact is that each new entry in the series is unique and has its share of genuine fans of all ages that watch for the cheerful problem solving and teamwork that make the Care Bear universe so soothing. Some may argue that there's nothing quite like the original Care Bear series and others may prefer the CGI relaunch of 2012, Welcome to Care-a-Lot, while others appreciate the return to traditional looking animation with the 2019 relaunch. But that's what makes the Care Bear shows and films endlessly fun to follow over the decades about and just plain entertaining to watch. Each new version of the Care Bears has something for everyone.

In this list, we're going to break down all of the best Care Bear films and series ever made and find out once and for all what comes out on top. So, Care Bears...prepare to stare... at this list and then vote up the best Care Bear television shows and movies.