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The Best Carnage Storylines In Comics

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Ever since Venom reunited with Eddie Brock to break him out of prison, the Marvel Universe has been the home to Carnage. Venom's first offspring that bound itself to Cletus Kasady's blood has proven to be a psychopathic murderer and the only way he was able to be brought down the first time he appeared was with the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Venom! Woody Harrelson brings the character to life in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which might have lead you to wonder which of these are the best Carnage comic books.

Over the nearly three decades Carnage has been tearing his way through the Marvel Universe, there have been tons of comic books, great stories, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, story arcs, storylines, and one-shot books about Carnage, making it hard to determine which is the best of the Carnage's greatest adventures. This list attempts the impossible by narrowing the best down to the top 20. If you're looking to learn about the character, you can use this list as a Carnage reading guide.

Check out the Carnage comics listed below, and if you see your favorites, vote them up. Then check back to see which of these comics is the best the Carnage story ever told!