The Slickest Cars with Gull Wing Doors

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Gull-wing doors are kind of the tinfoil hats of the car world: You don't have to be crazy to prefer them, but it helps. Recently, Elon Musk pretty much summed up the utter insanity of gullwing doors when he said that the modified "falcon wings" were the biggest factor in putting the Tesla Model X being so expensive and so behind schedule. But then again, he's hardly the first out-there entrepreneur to make the sacrifice for style.

Back when Mercedes popularized gull-wings with the 300SL, there was probably some kind of reason or rationale behind gull-wings. Since then, up-swinging doors have pretty much just been the world's greatest statement of eccentricity. It's probably telling that almost every company that's ever used them is out of business now; but you certainly can't say it's for lack of ambition or style. 

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