The Best Cartman Episodes of 'South Park'

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We all have a friend like South Park's Eric Cartman. You know, that person who's loud, obnoxious, low-key evil, that we wish would go away, and yet we always seem to hang out with them anyway? It's a pretty toxic relationship, and yet, in the case of the real Cartman, sometimes this mess of an individual is funny enough to keep around. We know we deserve better but darned if the Cartmans (Cartmen?) in our lives don't provide us with some of the most excitement, joy, and drama that we get in a week.

In the case of South Park, the long-running Comedy Central show has always been at its very best when it throws us a Cartman-centric episode. Though every single South Park episode has had a golden Cartman moment or ten, there's nothing like an episode focused solely on Cartman to make us remember why we fell in love with the controversial cartoon all those years ago. The best Cartman episodes are crude, iconic, vulgar, disgusting, and have been known to spark global outrage. 

So let's honor South Park's least finest by respecting his authoriteh and ranking the best South Park episodes with Cartman.