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Cartoon Characters You Totally Want To Have A Beer With

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Imagine living in a world a la Roger Rabbit or Space Jam, where two and three-dimensional characters live and drink together in harmony. If you lived in such a place, the alcoholic cartoon characters everyone knows and loves would become your new bar-hopping best friends. Cartoon characters who drink might sound like an oxymoron considering cartoons are generally geared towards kids, but if the modern age taught anyone anything, adult humor and cartoons go hand-in-hand. In fact, adult cartoons feature all sorts of cartoon characters you'd see at a bar, some of whom appear just as often at a bar as they do at home. Looking at you, Mr. Simpson.

Many of TV's most lovable alcoholics appear on this list, and you may just want to sit down and talk with them about your own issues. But the possibility of drinking partners like Rick Sanchez and Sterling Archer opens the door to all sorts of outrageous and potentially dangerous adventures. But perhaps the best cartoon characters to have a beer with are people like Hank Hill, a down-to-earth drinker perfect for enjoying a cold one with the (cartoon) boys. Like alcohol itself, it all comes down to personal preference and what you can handle. Like Long Island iced-teas, some choices are more juvenile than others.

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