The Best Animated Series On Disney Plus

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The sheer volume of nostalgic and new cartoons on Disney+ make them worth watching. Some animated series on Disney+ are shows you might have seen dozens of times while other Disney+ cartoons will be fresh and new. Some of the best new Disney+ cartoons right now are even reboots or continuations of old favorites.

Which shows will you find on this list of animated series streaming on Disney+? Gravity Falls has to be near the top. As one of the most popular Disney cartoons around, of course Disney+ would add the quirky and surprisingly deep fantasy series to its library. The 2017 DuckTales is good recent Disney+ cartoon for those who want to update their nostalgia – although the original 1987 DuckTales is also available on Disney+. When it comes to classics, Disney+ cartoons streaming now include after-school favorites like Recess and Doug, or other animated favorites like The Simpsons. If you are looking for Star Wars and Marvel animated series The Bad Batch, What If…?, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are more great options.

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