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The Best Castles in Disney Animated Films

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Some of the best Disney animated movies are Disney princess movies, right? Right. But princess or not, one thing many Disney cartoon films have in common is really cool castles. So what are the best and most beautiful castles from any Disney animated movies that you kind of wish you could live in? Well, here is your chance to go castle-shopping in the Disney vault.

Castles are pretty cool, and there are many beautiful castles on earth. Some real-life castles even inspired the fictional castles on this list. But here, you'll only find Disney castles and palaces, as the case may be, drawn up by top Disney animators, courtesy of their great imaginations. Palaces and castles in Disney movies run the gamut. Some are ethereal and picturesque, while some are high atop mountains or even under the sea. Most of these are Disney princess castles, but not all! Oh, no. There was also a castle in The Emperor's New Groove, remember?

Browse through the pictures of Disney castles from the movies below and really think: Which of these Disney palaces could you call home? Do you prefer castles from classic Disney movies or the studio's more modern work? Do you want to live in a remote castle or one that is bustling with servants to wait on you hand and foot? These are tough questions. Upvote the best Disney castles below, and imagine you are ordering your talking dishes to bring you a platter of cheese or something.