The Best Cat Litter Brands

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Our furry friends are often also our best friends. They’re the ones who sit and wait for us to come home all day then faithfully greet us at the door at night. Our little animal companions deserve the best products we can give them! Not every cat litter is created equal, so what are the best cat litter brands available?

The best types of cat litter are the most sanitary, all natural, easiest to maintain and scoop, and most importantly, the best maskers of smells that we don’t want to have wafting all through the house. There are many different types of litter available for our feline friends, from pine based, clay based, and litters that can actually attract a cat to its scent to train them to use the litter box more easily. Many different brands produce these various kinds of cat litter.

This list features the best types of cat litter, including brands like Fresh Step, Mills Fleet Farm, Arm & Hammer, United Pet Group, Healthy Pet Corp., The Blue Buffalo Company, Swheat, and Super Pet. Vote up the cat litter brands your cat loves below, or add the brands of cat litter brand you think is the best if they aren't already on the list.
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