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The Best Cat Subreddits

Did you know: The Internet was created primarily to facilitate easy sharing of cat pictures and cat videos. It's true. Look it up. Thankfully, reddit exists also, and its primary task is organizing all the Internet's cat content. What a time to be alive. If you are new to reddit or just curious about what kinds of cat stuff it has to offer, then why not take a look at this list of the best cat subreddits, for a definitive ranking of all the best cat pictures, videos, and general cat content on reddit, the Internet's aggregator of all things feline.

Of course, there are your basic cat subs, like r/Cats, r/CatPictures, and r/CatVideos. But if you really start digging, you can find specific categories of cat photos and other fun stuff. Maybe r/StartledCats appeals to you, or maybe you want to ease into things, sticking with r/MildlyStartledCats for now. Before you know it, you'll be regularly checking out r/CatsStandingUp and even r/Meow_Irl and r/CatsonGlass.

If you want to pull a prank on your cat, reddit cat content is sure to give you lots of ideas. There's even an entire subreddit called r/CatPranks! Watch out Mr. Fluffy, LOL! Do you love a particular favorite cat reddit? Upvote it below, and then get back to looking at pictures of cats for an hour or two - your work can wait.