The Best Cat Things

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As long as "cat" or "kat" is in its name, please, let's rank it below!

Do you like cats? How about Kats? Like maybe an Everdeen or a Denning? Or maybe you like Catwoman, but also the old cartoon CatDog? Well, great news: Now you can rank all the best cat things to see which "cat" is the most purrrrfectly wonderful. You see, cats are more than just cute fluff balls that may or may not allow you to pet them. There are cats in literature, cats in movies, cats in pop culture, and even in a kat in the world of candy. But only you can help decide which cat is really the greatest.

William Burroughs, T.S. Eliot, and even Dr. Seuss wrote books about cats, and Catwoman is all over the pages of comic books. But it doesn't stop there! How about the Sears and Victoria's Secret CATalogs? It's a cat pun! How fun! But are they better than Settlers of Cattan or that classic Freddie Prinze, Jr. romcom Summer Catch? You'll have to have your voice hear with your votes below.

So here we go. Diving into the world of cats to finally, finally decide which cats are best. Maybe it's Kim Cattrall, maybe it isn't, but this is a question that needs an answer so please vote for the top cats below and have the good grace and fun-loving spirit to add all the cats and kats you can think of.
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