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The Greatest Catgirls In All Of Anime

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Me-ow! While catgirl anime sounds like the industry catering to the Internet's feline affinity, the nekomimi trope existed before even dial-up connections came to be. The term 'nekomimi' literally means 'cat ears' in Japanese, but these girls often sport much more than just the ears of cats. While nekomimi in anime often rock ears and tails, some also possess abilities like transformation, cat-like wit, and the confidence that comes with nine-lives. A common humanoid hybrid in anime, catgirls can be crafted into cute and bubbly characters or stealthy tricksters based on the series.

Whether based off of folklore like the nekomata and the bakeneko or just thrown in for totally cute subject matter, catgirls in anime add charming personality, supernatural delight, and sometimes even a little fan service. The best catgirls in anime appear below for you to 'Aww' and fawn over. After all, you're on the Internet, and isn't one of the Web's primary functions cat content?

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    Blair, 'Soul Eater'

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      Ibaraki-Douji, 'Onigiri'

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        Eris, 'Cat Planet Cuties'

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          Kuune, 'Cat Planet Cuties'

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