The Best Catholic Sacraments

Catholicism: the guilt train to Jesus. The religion brings joy and spiritual fulfillment to many, while others leave the Church the moment they leave the parental home. But there's one thing Catholics of all commitment levels experience: the sacraments! From the baptism you don't remember to whatever Anointing of the Sick is, the Church builds in exciting milestones for all periods of life to keep religion interesting.

At First Communion you get to drink wine and brag about it to your non-Catholic school chums. For Reconciliation you take your first stab at lying about sins to your priest (a sin in and of itself!). With marriage, you enjoy the excitement that comes with starting your life with someone and arguing with your mom about an outdoor ceremony.

So which are the best Catholic sacraments? Cast some votes below and let God know how you feel.

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    20 votes

    First Communion


  • 2
    16 votes


    A great way to trick babies.

  • 3
    15 votes

    Reconciliation / First Confession

    What have you done, child?

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    17 votes


    AKA the moody teen rite of passage.

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    14 votes

    Holy Orders

    U tryin to be a priest or somethin'????

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    15 votes


    Can also be done outside the Catholic Church if you can believe that!