15 Great Cave Movies For When You're Not Feeling Claustrophobic Enough

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Films must take place in caves or, at the very least, caves must be a very important plot point in the film.

Get ready to dive into the best cave movies ever, ranked by movie fans. Caving movies, otherwise known as spelunking movies, can capture our imagination due ot the unknown depths. These films add to the sense of mystery that caves have whether they're a fictional narrative or documentary. So, don your headlamp and help determine which of these is the best cave movie of all time. You'll also discover other scary cave horror movies like The Descent (besides The Descent Part II) which took audiences by surprise back in 2005.

Look to these movies whenever you want to feel claustrophobic, discover a monster or monsters that have gone undiscovered for centuries. Hey, you might even learn a little about caves or get away with not reading Jules Verne's classic novel by watching one of the number adaptations. See your favorite cave movies below? Be sure to vote them up to help the best cave movie reach the top of the list.