The Best CBS Comedies of All Time

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Vote up the best original comedies or sitcoms that have ever debuted on CBS.

The best CBS comedy shows range from dark comedies to classic family sitcoms. This list of popular CBS comedies is ranked from best to worst thanks to your votes. This list of the top current and canceled CBS sitcoms includes the date when each show first aired, as well as which actors starred in the show. As one of the first three channels - ABC, CBS, and NBC, there have been a lot of great comedies on CBS.

CBS's entry into sitcoms is practically as early as television itself, and includes long-time favorite comedies like I Love Lucy and M*A*S*H. Even more recent CBS comedy shows like Mom, keep up the success of other great CBS comedies like Cheers, Murphy Brown, The Nanny, and The Big Bang Theory.

But what is the best CBS comedy of all time? Vote up your favorite CBS sitcoms, vote down the ones you can't stand and see how your funniest favorites rank. Then, check out the best new CBS sitcoms.

Photo: Everybody Loves Raymond / CBS
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