Which Of These 36 Famous Distillers Would You Want To Share Their Signature Liquor With?



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Vote up the famous people with whom you'd like to hang out while sipping their signature spirit straight, on the rocks, or even in a cocktail.

The 2020s are all about celebrity booze brands. These aren't actors and musicians who just slap their name on a bottle of something and call it a day. These celebrities who own liquor brands (particularly famous people with tequila companies) bring some slick branding and a splash of glamour to the hard alcohol game. 

Let us know which of the following celebrity-owned liquors you'd most like to enjoy in the company of the celebrities themselves. Would you rather sip tequila with Dwayne Johnson or vodka with Channing Tatum? Vote away.


  • Involvement: In 2018, Ryan Reynolds became a minority stakeholder in Portland's Aviation Gin and turned it into a megaseller thanks to his characteristically cheeky marketing acumen. The company sold in 2020 for $610 million. It's not clear how much Reynolds made from the sale, but he's probably not going to be popping up in any straight-to-video Van Wilder spinoffs any time soon.

    Instagram: @aviationginsa

    Notable product: The one, the only Aviation Gin, baby.

    Price: $30 for a 750ml bottle

  • Involvement: Launched in March 2020, Teremana is Dwayne Johnson's baby. He's involved in every aspect of the alcohol's production, from the choice in agave to the marketing.

    Instagram: @Teremana

    Notable product: You can't go wrong with the blanco, reposado, or añejo; it's really all about whether you're in the mood for something with a spicy kick or a smooth aftertaste.

    Price: $40 for a 750ml bottle

  • Nick Offerman - Lagavulin Offerman Edition Single Malt
    Photo: The Good Place/NBCUniversal / Lagavulin/ReserveBar

    Involvement: It makes perfect sense that Nick Offerman partnered with Lagavulin to help create a single malt scotch. That's his whole vibe. He collaborated with the company to help create a rich scotch with "intense peat and charred wood notes."

    Instagram: @lagavulinwhisky

    Notable product: Lagavulin has a large collection of single malt whiskeys, but Offerman's take on the alcohol is perfect for Parks and Rec fans as well as folks who just want a little giggle juice to end the night.

    Price: $110 for a 750ml bottle

  • Matthew McConaughey - Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon
    Photo: The Gentlemen/STXFilms / Wild Turkey

    Involvement: Matthew McConaughey became creative director at Wild Turkey in 2016, and along with appearing in the company's marketing, he helps create new varieties of the beloved bourbon.

    Instagram: @wildturkey

    Notable product: Longbranch, a small-batch bourbon that combines the smoky flavors of the Lone Star State with the alcohol that Kentucky does best.

    Price: $40 for a 750ml bottle