The Best Professional Chefs with YouTube Channels

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While you may think these big names in food only grace major television networks with their presence, there are a surprising number of celebrity chefs on YouTube. Unlike our list of best YouTube cooking channels, these are the best professional chefs, culinary experts, and food personalities with their own personal channels. While they may be household names at this point, these big time cooks are more than happy to share life updates and personal recipes to the masses via a YouTube account. If you want to hone your cooking skills without spending hours watching the Food Network, check out some of these celebrity chef YouTubers. 

Professional chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have fostered an online presence over the years, which includes YouTube channels filled with tips and tricks for cooking. The widely beloved Martha Stewart also uploads videos with cooking, crafting, and general DIY tips and tutorials. 

Which are the best YouTube cooking channels run by master chefs? Vote up the best chefs on YouTube below! Feel free to add any professional chefs who have YouTube channels missing from the list.

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