The Best Celebrity Clapback Tweets Of All Time

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Twitter gives us common folk access to all sorts of celebrity interactions we would never see without the help of TMZ, including savage celebrity clapback Tweets. The best celebrity clapbacks on Twitter respond with enough force to tear a person's wig off through a computer screen, and the whole world gets to watch as they happen. With only 280 characters or less, celebrity clapback Tweets keep things simple yet savage.

To truly nail a celebrity clapback on Twitter, being succinct is key, a rule even the best Facebook comebacks follow as well. Clapback Tweets from celebrities, when executed correctly, leave burns on the media landscape that remain visible for years to come. People still want to talk about Rihanna's best clapbacks from 2012 because they're still that good and because her targets' scars most certainly haven't healed.