The Best Celebrity Game Show Hosts of All Time

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Only game show hosts who were already well-known celebrities before they took the hosting gig.

There are a lot of celebrity TV game show hosts, and it totally makes sense why: it’s great for marketing, people who like the celebrity might watch a show they otherwise wouldn’t, and it’s a steady gig for the host. But it’s no secret that some celebrities have been better at hosting shows than others. This is a list of the all-time greatest celebrity game show hosts.

Plus, this list is totally interactive, just like a game show! If you disagree with the order of it, you can vote the celebs up or down and you can re-rank the entire list. Maybe you think Jane Lynch belongs at the top of the list with the greats like Betty White Regis Philbin, or maybe you think Craig Ferguson is overrated on Celebrity Name Game. Make your voice heard by voting on the best celebrity game show hosts, you have control of the board!

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