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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2017  

Mick Jacobs
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Based on the large number of celebrities dressed up for Halloween 2017, it's safe to assume that adults, especially those in the entertainment industry, love to dress up. Thankfully avoiding the trope of offensive Halloween costumes, the best celebrity Halloween costumes in 2017 embodied some of pop culture's most recognizable figures and characters.

Many stars attended the Casamigos Halloween party in 2017, an event centered around the '70s. As such, many celebrity Halloween costumes portray the same look or pop star. You'll see a Cher or two in this list, but both feature different looks from the star's history. In addition to the '70s crowd, you also get a few scary costumes, some cinematic ones, and even a Biblical one.

It feels like celebrities keep trying to one-up the Halloween from the year prior. Because of this, many 2017 Halloween costumes go above and beyond your average costume outing. Do you think they rank among the best Halloween costumes of all time