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Which Celebrity Moments Made Up The Most For The Hostless Oscars?

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Many people were apprehensive about the 91st Academy Awards, the first hostless Oscars ceremony in three decades. The last time the Academy attempted a hostless Oscars was in 1989, and it nearly ruined the institution.

Fortunately, the 2019 Oscars avoided disaster with some great presenters and comedic bits. Yes, some folks were upset when Green Book took home Best Picture, but the 2019 hostless Oscars also featured some fairly endearing and hilarious celebrity moments. From Olivia Colman's amazing Oscar acceptance speech to Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson's enthusiastic hug after the BlacKkKlansman helmer won Best Adapted Screenplay, here are the best celebrity moments from the 2019 Academy Awards. 

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    When Dana Carvey And Mike Myers Reunited To Introduce 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

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    When Regina King Won Best Supporting Actress - And Chris Evans Did His Best To Support The Actress

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    When Everyone Was Really Into The Queen 'We Will Rock You' Intro - Especially Javier Bardem 

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    When Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Performed A More-Intimate-Than-Usual Version Of 'Shallow'

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