The Best Celebrity Parents of 2018

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Celebrity parents frequently make headlines when they show off photos of their adorable offspring. While many stories of celebrities with children focus on their supposedly poor parenting tactics, there are an equal number of wonderful celebrity parents in the word. In 2018, which celebrities with kids made some amazing parenting decisions? 

The best celebrity fathers and mothers don't let stardom get in the way of being the best parents possible. If you're in the mood for something uplifting, browse this list of the cutest and kindest parenting moments of 2018. Vote up what you feel are the most exemplary examples of parenting from the stars.

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    Kylie Jenner Kept Her Pregnancy Quiet For The Sake Of Her Daughter


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    Reality star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner usually keeps fans in the loop about every detail of her life, but she abruptly reduced her social media presence in late 2017. After widespread speculation she was expecting, Jenner announced on February 4, 2018 that she had given birth to a baby girl.

    According to her posts on Twitter and Instagram, Jenner wanted to prioritize her health and reduce stress in the days leading up to her daughter's birth, as she felt what was good for her would be good for the baby.