The Best Celebrity Partners to Have on a Game Show

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Vote up and add the celebrities you'd most want to be paired with when competing on a game show.

Choosing the right partner in life is important. Choosing the right celebrity partner to have on a game show is way, way, WAY more important. After all, when you're going on national TV, you definitely don't want to embarrass yourself. Plus, there are probably big time prizes on the line! So who would you choose to partner up with if you were competing?

The best celebrities on game shows are ones who can entertain the crowd, and answer all of the questions correctly. But let's face it: that's not always a possibility. Would you rather have a smarty like Emma Watson, a lauded thespian like Morgan Freeman, or a goofball like Jennifer Lawrence on your team? From famous directors and actors to celebrated musicians, which of these celebrities is the perfect game show contestant? Vote up the stars you'd want to play with.

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