The Best Reality Shows Starring Celebrities

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Great celebrity reality shows offer an inside peek at the life of a star. From daily drama to the kinds of situations that only the rich and famous have to deal with, celebrity reality TV shows are a way to experience the glitz, glamor, and dirty laundry of our favorite stars.  From famous families to spotlights on a single celeb, there's a celebrity reality television series that follows just about every celebrity you're interested in.

Some celebrities are famous for being famous and celebrity reality television series like The Anna Nicole Show and The Simple Life lets viewers ride along as part of the entourage. Other reality shows about celebrities follow folks who earned their stars in music, like The Osbournes, The Ashlee Sipson Show, and Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. There are also reality shows about celebrities you might not have realized were famous like Victoria Gotti in Growing Up Gotti, or the Caitlyn Jenner's sons Brandon and Brody in The Princes of Malibu.

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