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Celebrities Who Are Great To Sit Next To On A Long Flight

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List RulesVote up the celebrity seat-buddies who would make you feel like Liz Lemon that time Oprah plopped down next to her.

The person you sit next to on a long plane flight significantly affects your traveling experience. Sitting next to a crying baby, a talkative creep, or even an armrest hog all contribute to the grueling ordeal of flying, but on the flipside, a courteous, fascinating seat-buddy can make the experience not only painless, but enjoyable. For those who want to fantasize about their perfect plane buddy, this list is for you. Choose the famous people you want to sit next to on a plane for those long flights, and add those you don't see here. 

When it comes to ideal celeb seatmates on a flight, do you prefer down-to-earth celebrities like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence? If you're looking for enlightenment, how about a universally loved celebrity like Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman? Maybe a laugh from Dave Chappelle or Ellen DeGeneres? At least, sitting next to them, you may find out what the deal is with airline food.