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Providing reasons to laugh, cry and think for years to come after their deaths, the best celebrity tombstones contain witty and clever lines, famous quotes and funny phrases. Just as they did during life, each of these celebrities used their own unique way to make fans smile with their tombstone epitaphs.

For many comedians, a tombstone is one place to tell one last joke while others used the space to remind fans of a classic catch phrase or saying. For others, the tombstone is wildly extravagant, such as that of Jimi Hendrix, or very popular to visitors, such as that of Jim Morrison. Others are even so famous that they need no tombstone announcing the crypt, such as Michael Jackson.

What are the most famous tombstones in the world? Regardless of what the tombstone or grave brings, each serve as a memorial for the actors, musicians and other celebrities we love.
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Mel Blanc

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While his name may not be a household one, his voice certainly is, leading to the nickname of "man of 1,000 voices" for voice actor Mel Blanc. Heard in homes to this day, Blanc was the man behind the character voices of the likes of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn and many others. His nickname, along with his most famous line of "That's All Folks," are inscribed on his tombstone after his 1989 death.

Age: Died at 81 (1908-1989)

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA

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Freddie Mercury

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Though his ashes were scattered, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is remembered by his former city of Montreux, Switzerland, with a full body statue. Much like world leaders are memorialized in statue form, Mercury, in his full flamboyance, has been on display since 1996, five years after his 1991 death.

Age: Died at 45 (1946-1991)

Birthplace: Stone Town, Zanzibar City, Tanzania

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Rodney Dangerfield

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Making his fans laugh as he did for decades, actor and comedian Rodney Dangerfield got his last laugh on his tombstone, which reads "Rodney Dangerfield... There goes the neighborhood." The crack was similar to Dangerfield's type of comedy which made him famous, coined the phrase "I don't get no respect" and put him in 1980s films such as Caddyshack and Back to School.

Age: Died at 83 (1921-2004)

Birthplace: Deer Park, New York, United States of America

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Laurel and Hardy

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Partners in comedy during their lives, the actor/comedian pair of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, known as simply Laurel and Hardy, continued that bond in death. The first of the two to pass, Oliver Hardy's tombstone notes "A genius of comedy, his talent brought joy and laughter to the world." Laurel's tombstone echoed the statements in other words, stating, "A master of comedy, his genius in the art of humor brought gladness to the world he loved."

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