30 Of The Greatest Tweets From Celebrities In 2021

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Throughout the chaotic year of 2021, the tweets that emerged from celebrity Twitter did not disappoint. Whether it was wholesome selfies, heartfelt exchanges, or simply hilarious anecdotes, we had a handful of highlights from our favorite celebs over the last several months. Vote on your favorite celebrity tweets of the year below.

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    Lupita Nyong'o Shares A Beautiful Tweet On The One-Year Anniversary Of The Loss Of Chadwick Boseman

    The world lost an endlessly talented and creative star on August 28, 2020. The Black Panther co-star graciously shared a heartfelt message and photo on August 28, 2021 in remembrance. Rest in peace to the wonderful Chadwick Boseman.

    For more A+ tweets from the A-list actress, follow her on Twitter (@Lupita_Nyongo).

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    Dolly Parton Humbly Declines A Public Statue Of Her Be Made

    Back in February 2021, the state of Tennessee reached out to Dolly about a bill that would result in a statue of her being built on the Capitol grounds. She took to Twitter to publicly decline the initiative and have the bill be removed from consideration, with her reasoning being that it did not seem appropriate timing in her career or in the state of the world for her to be put on such a pedestal.

    For more from the country superstar, follow her on Twitter (@DollyParton).

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    Pedro Pascal Confirms That His Bestie, Oscar Isaac, Is His Favorite Oscar

    As the Academy Awards season came and went earlier in the year, many fans started tweeting about Pedro needing his own Oscar - until he pointed out himself, that he is already the winner of his favorite Oscar! The two really do have the most wholesome friendship, and we can't get enough.

    For more selfies of the dream team, follow Mando on Twitter (@PedroPascal1). This is the way.

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    Ming-Na Wen Drops A Wholesome 'Mulan' Fun Fact

    Ming-Na Wen Drops A Wholesome 'Mulan' Fun Fact
    Photo: @MingNa / Twitter

    From voicing the protagonist in Disney's original Mulan (1998) to making a cameo in the live-action remake Mulan (2020), actress Ming-Na Wen has been associated with the beloved princess warrior for over two decades now. It's easy to see why her tweet about the famous Mulan hair touch went viral earlier this year, as it melted the hearts of many all over again.

    For more delightful fun facts, follow her on Twitter (@MingNa).

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    Reese Witherspoon Gives A New Grad The 'Legally Blonde' Stamp Of Approval

    Reese Witherspoon Gives A New Grad The 'Legally Blonde' Stamp Of Approval
    Photo: @ReeseW / Twitter

    The one and only Elle Woods herself gave warm wishes and congratulations to a recent 2021 law school graduate who celebrated with a photoshoot inspired by the 2001 hit film.

    For more Legally Blonde fun, follow her on Twitter (@ReeseW).

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    Ryan Reynolds Has A Solution To His Daughter's 'Baby Shark' Obsession

    Ryan Reynolds not only has an ongoing roast war with wife, Blake Lively, but also isn't afraid to use Blake's movies as his accomplice in halting their daughter's 2021 love for playing the same song over and over.

    For more endless dry humor, follow him on Twitter (@VancityReynolds).

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