Caught in the Act: Best Celebrity Walk of Shame Pics

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Everyone loves to hear about celebrity sex - but what's (almost) even better? Catching a celebrity doing the walk of shame. Getting a glimpse of these famous people caught in the act as daylight breaks, as they try to quietly creep away from their one night stand, just like the rest of us, they do the morning walk of shame.

It's safe to say that nearly anyone over the age of 21 with a pulse has taken the walk of shame at least once - some of us more than others. We won't judge. Taking the walk of shame is usually preceded by getting out of bed and putting on last night's clothes as quietly as is humanly possible, in an attempt not to wake the person you've spent the night before with. If you have ever wondered if celebrities take the walk of shame, the answer is a resounding yes, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Some celebs are more discreet than others but we've all been there. Bad judgement is not limited to ordinary people. The unfortunate thing for our famous friends is that there are nearly always paparazzi photographers waiting to capture their walk of shame. The morning after has found a variety of high profile celebs trying to creep out the door undetected and still sporting the same duds they were photographed wearing the night before. So read on to see our top 20 picks for the greatest celebrity walk of shame photos captured. Vote up your favorite celebrity walk of shame pics.
Photo: uploaded by Tyler Doupe