The Best Celebrity Vlogs On YouTube

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From Hollywood to YouTube, here are the best celebrities who have YouTube channels. Unlike the most popular YouTube personalities, these famous celebs were famous before they started uploading travel vlogs, food guides, makeup tutorials, and even cooking videos on their personal YouTube channels. What are the best celebrity channels on YouTube? 

Known for becoming famous off YouTube, Justin Bieber AKA kidrauhl is still posting videos (when he's not busy making music and touring the world). On his YouTube channel, you can watch his vlogs, fan interactions, and behind-the-scenes footage from music videos. Former Victoria's Secret Angel and supermodel Karlie Kloss posts weekly videos featuring food guides, recipes, and travel. Other good celebrities to follow on YouTube include Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Kylie Jenner, Maisie Williams, Kevin Durant, and Dylan O'Brien. Even Will Smith is posting vlogs to his personal YouTube channel! 

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